ATM Operator Insurance and
Armored Car Coverage

First Class Insurance will provide a comprehensive policy designed for your specific needs.

ATM Business Insurance is available for the machines in your fleet to include Cash inside the machines as well as Cash-In-Transit. ATM Operator insurance programs include General Liability which is usually required by the locations where your machines are placed. First Class Insurance also writes policies for businesses who service Bitcoin ATMs. 

If you need Armored Car Coverage, First Class Insurance is also able to provide coverage to Armored Car Companies. This can be a hard to place risk. Armored Car Insurance can provide coverage for theft of cash by robbers or employee infidelity. Contact our office to let us know what insurance requirements you or your financial institutions need. We have the industry knowledge to find the markets that cover your risks with competitive pricing. 

We Can Provide Coverage For The Following:

Coverage Options:

We are available extended hours to accommodate all time zones, and we are licensed nation-wide! 

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As the ATM vendor, you have a lot to be responsible for – managing the relationship with your host location, refilling machines whether through an Armored Car vendor or with your own crew, machine malfunction, Internet/Cyber security, Business Autos used in transportation of cash, Armored Car Services, ATM installation, and endless other details.

Be sure that this unique risk is fully covered by acquiring insurance policies for General Liability, Crime and Cash-In-Transit, and Cyber Liability. We also offer Business Auto. Speak to a live, experienced insurance agent today to discuss the policy options you need to ensure coverage in the event of a loss.

Cash ATMs and Bitcoin ATMs are in high demand these days. Those trading in Bitcoin cryptocurrency need a means through which to liquidate or deposit funds via their electronic accounts. As the ATM or BTM vendor, you have a lot to be responsible for. Be sure that your polices provide insurance coverage for GL, Crime, Cash, Cash-In-Transit, Cyber Security, and of course your equipment / property. You may have additional insurance requirements based on contractual agreements with partners, lenders and landlords. We will work with you to offer insurance coverage for ATM machines that encompass your entire business concept. An ATM operator insurance policy should be competitively priced with all the insurance coverage limits you need. We also offer Commercial Auto if you are unloading and unloading machines directly with your own personnel.

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