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Convenience Stores are one of several types of businesses considered a specialty risk. Vulnerabilities include liability lawsuits, property damage, employee lawsuits, workers compensation, and damage to property or spoilage. A policy tailored for convenience stores will allow you to be insured correctly. 

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Everyone relies on convenience stores and gas stations for quick and easy purchases, and to fuel your body or fuel up your vehicle. Your business is open round the clock to meet the ever-increasing demands of the public. Convenience stores offer a wide array of products. Your C-Store has special risks and needs a customized commercial convenience store insurance policy to protect your assets, employees and customers. We will work with you to quote coverage options and help you understand what your policy covers. Contact First Class Insurance today for a no obligation quotation or existing policy review.  We can help you to select the best convenience store insurance coverage options without paying too much in premium.

Your store never closes. Being available to patrons and vendors 24/7/365 means around-the-clock endless business operations for a variety of customer needs. You are able to provide an array of services to include:  gasoline sales, food and beverage snacks for hungry travelers, alcohol sales, car washes, coffee stations, lottery sales, tobacco sales, and a selection of household needs. With so much to keep track of and always-open hours of operations, it goes without saying that you are potentially susceptible to a high level of risk. 

It is important, therefore, to maintain store policies that protect your inventory, employees, and customers, and this risk management plan should include comprehensive coverage from insurance policies tailored to your specific needs. Knowing what your convenience store insurance policy covers gives you peace of mind and a security blanket in the event of an unpreventable or unforeseeable loss. Contact a First Class Insurance professional today for assistance with your Convenience Store Insurance program.

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