Jewelers Block Coverage

One of the most distinct markets is the jewelry market. The variety of products, the mode of operations, and the risks associated with it, makes the market highly susceptible to difficult issues. 

However, The Jewelers Block insurance policy is fashioned in a way that regardless of if the jewelry items are in store, at trade fairs, on sales display, worn, on consignment/memo, or in movement, they will be adequately covered in case of any form of challenge. 

Most times these products are not provided coverage in standard policies. However, Jewelers Block insurance avail these products the safety they deserve. 

The Jewelers Block insurance is known as an inland marine cover, afforded to businesses that deal and trade in any form, precious stones, jewelry or expensive metals. 

Things Covered by Jewelers Block Insurance 

  • A business’ catalogue of precious stones, raw valuables and materials of worth intended to be sold.
  • Customers’ valuables kept in your care for subsequent transit,repair or just safety.
  • Jewelry in transit to trade fairs or, fashion events, for display.
  • Shipped inventory by armoured services or airfreight or by couriers like DHL, UPS and so on.

Jewelers Block insurance is basically an ‘all inclusive’ risk policy, that has you protected against all dangers, apart from those exclusively highlighted for exclusion in the company’s policy. 

List Of Some Perils Covered By Jewelers Block Insurance

  • Vandalism by hoodlums
  • Armed robbery/burglary
  • Smoke damage
  • Fire and lightning
  • Employee theft

Meanwhile, perils excluded from Jewelers Block Insurance Policies, are typical of the ones excluded by other kinds of inland marine insurance. 

List Of Some Perils Excluded By Jewelers Block Insurance Policies

  • Flood alongside any other water spoilage.
  • Regular wear and tear of material.
  • War or Government action
  • Deliberate misplacement
  • Mold and rot caused by bad hygiene
  • Earthquakes or Tsunami
  • Civil unrest
  • Cyber theft/attacks or any virtual manipulation

Most times, traditional commercial property is usually merged with Jewelers Block insurance and various liability coverages. This synergy affords jewelers a complete, all-inclusive policy to keep them protected from the many dangers they come across. 

Jewelry is a luxurious and greatly risky business. Thus, an investment with Jewelers Block coverage comes in very handy! As earlier mentioned, bringing them on board, means you get to be protected by their all-risk policy. However, it is the duty of the insurance company to explicitly explain the limitations of this policy. That is, instances  where claims cannot be made should be well stated, and understood by the client.  

Thus, as a client or a potential client to a Jewel block insurance company, it is vital that you extensively discuss the intricacies of your particular policy with your insurance agent. Your agent will clearly  help you digest the details of your policy.

A Jewelers Block policy may typically provide coverage for precious stones of really high value, semi precious stones of also high value, precious and luxurious metals, raw gems like gold and silver, and refined jewelry like necklaces, rings and earrings. Are you seeking to get the services of the best of Jewel Block Coverage insurance agents? Contact us today! 

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