You get married and are gifted a beautiful rock on your finger. Shortly after getting married, you plan a honeymoon to Hawaii. Probably the first thing you’re going to do when you get to Hawaii is visit the beach. You and your partner both jump in the water and go for a good swim. After about an hour of swimming the beautiful ocean and soaking up the sun, you get out to go grab a bite to eat. You arrive at the restaurant and sit down to place your order. You and your partner are gazing eyes at one another. Your partner looks down at your hand and asks, “where is your ring?” You look at them like a deer in headlights and scream, “oh no; I think I lost it in the ocean”. Your partner says, “don’t worry, I purchased insurance to cover loss”.

Jewelry insurance is very crucial for precious items, especially when of significant value. Insurance will cover anything from repair to replacement, or even reimbursement of the appraised value.

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