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Trends for 2021

The following content is a summary of trends projected for 2021. The good news is that overall, things are looking up! The global market is expanding greatly, but the United States market has also shown growth despite pandemic-related closures of retail stores. Statistically, according to MarketWatch, the global gems and jewelry market are projected to have a compound annual growth rate of 2%. The U.S. market anticipates an increase of 1.6%. 

Key factors in continuing growth include things like personalization and customization of jewelry pieces, as well as knowing the sourcing of stones. For engagement rings, while the price point of each transaction has gone down, volume appears to have risen sharply. Of course, online availability for certain purchases can increase revenues. And don’t forget the appeal of financing offers on certain purchases. Sometimes being able to finance a transaction helps with gifting items that are important when timing is event-based. 

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