What is Jewelers Block Insurance? First Class Insurance offers a Jewelers Block policy for those in the jewelry trade, to protect your inventory such as precious and semi-precious stones and precious metals from loss or damage. Jewelers Block Insurance is a term used to indicate an inland marine type of insurance that covers those in the Jewelry Industry, such as jewelry retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and designers. Pawnbrokers, who often sell jewelry, may also be covered with a Jewelers Block Policy. The coverage includes insurance for physical loss or damage to a jeweler’s goods such as precious and semi-precious jewelry and stones, precious metals, and goods loaned out on Memo or Travel coverage when wearing. Work with us today to obtain a quote and get the coverage you need.

What is covered under Jewellers block insurance? This type of insurance includes coverage for your owned stock, stock owned by others, travel with stock, tradeshow coverage, Business Personal Property and Building coverage if you own the building. There are many other optional coverages which you can be included on your policy by providing a limit in your application, such as Out of Safe coverage when closed for business at night. We will help you understand the application and assist you with any questions.

How do I obtain Jewelers Block Insurance? The process is quite simple really. We don’t over-complicate things or make them confusing for you. With basic information about your business and security features, the application is completed. We present quotes to you from available markets and let you decide how you wish to proceed. Payment can be made online and we are always available for further questions or coverage changes. Why wait?

Does a BOP cover jewelry? No. A Business Owners’ Policy or “BOP” covers your Building, Business Personal Property and your Liability along with other policy enhancements provided by the insurance company. A Jewelers Block policy would cover your inventory as jewelry.

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