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There are a lot of businesses in the world today, and they all have their peculiarities. One business that stands out among the lot is the pawnshop business. Pawnshop owners, usually called pawnbrokers, are business people who mostly give monetary assistance with interest attached, then taking the borrower’s personal property as security, and it may be sold if the debtor does not redeem his/her debt.

Apart from that, pawnshop owners are known to afford people access to top-notch goods at give-away or cheap prices. In addition, some pawnbrokers are also collectors and keepers of invaluable materials such as precious stones, sophisticated artifacts, and so on. 

With all these exotic collections and monetary inclinations of a pawnbroker, it can be devastating for him/her to suffer loss, theft, or damage in the absence of any insurance. Therefore, it is important as a pawn breaker to secure against unforeseen perils with pawnshop insurance.  This will not just help you seamlessly do business, it will increase your level of peace and profitability. 

When you choose to insure your Pawnshop, you are in line for coverages like general liability, property coverage, and workers’ compensation. 

General Liability For Pawn Brokers

General liability is very important business insurance that secures against the results of unprecedented hazards in the Pawnshop business. Also, the broad scope of this kind of insurance protects you against uncommon and everyday kind of risks.  

Moreover,  this insurance will not state what it will cover on your policy declaration page, it goes ahead to state only a few things it won’t cover. That means that commodities, services, locations, and the likes that you add and are not stated in exclusion, are covered irrespective of what they weigh or hold.  

General liability insurance consists of different variables. One is the Business Owners Policy.

A Business Owners policy is renowned among small-scale business owners. The insurance allows you all basic security when it comes to general liability. It also allows you to select more levels of asset protection.

For instance, should your pawnshop desire a business owner’s policy to secure its catalog or money receipts, it may not necessarily need software coverage. may not need specialized software coverage. Business Owner’s Policy protects buildings and their content, business capital and profit, virtual data, employee dishonesty coverage, and the likes.  

Business Auto Insurance

Most times, in going to check for materials to stock your pawnshop with, you probably do drive down to the purchase scenes. Meanwhile, to pick up big or heavy product items, you might have your employees use a truck for haulage. Should an accident occur in any of the two cases, expenses for human and product recovery can be overwhelming.

This is where a business auto insurance policy comes in. It lightens the financial implications to a very significant level on the shoulders of your pawnshop business. Auto coverage only caters for product damage, theft, or loss, it pays for any physical harm and injuries those things caused. 

Workers Compensation Insurance

In the official law of most parts of the nation, your pawnshop business employees need to be secured with workers compensation insurance. This covers for instances when employees suffer injuries or harm while carrying out their job duties. This workers compensation insurance settles his bills from when he starts receiving care, till he/she fully recovers.  

Commercial Umbrella Policy

There can be cases whereby an accident is unprecedentedly too much for a Pawn shop’s insurance to bear. This means the insurance coverage will reach a compensation limit. This stage is known as the policy exhaustion point. Son in this case when all policies have been exhausted in taking care of the big accident, the commercial umbrella policy steps in to save the day and settle outstanding debts. 

Apart from the aforementioned protections offered by general liability insurance for insured pawn shops, there are others such as Premises Liability, Products Liability, and also Completed Operations. You should now be more in tune with the importance of having your pawn business insured. Are you a pawnbroker in need of the perfect pawnshop insurance? Contact us today.


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