Specialty Insurance Programs

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First Class Insurance is a Specialty Agency that can offer Jewelers Block Insurance, a Pawnbrokers Package Policy, or Crime Coverage, Cash-In-Transit and Business Auto coverage if you are in need of armored car insurance or ATM operator insurance. We can also provide a quote on Bitcoin ATM insurance.  

First Class Insurance specializes in a variety of businesses in order to bring competitive pricing to standard lines of insurance. We will present to you coverage options for your Property, Casualty, and Excess Lines from domestic or international markets. First Class Insurance has access to a wide range of markets which gives us the ability to negotiate better pricing options with quality insurance carriers. Because we specialize in specific industries, our specialty insurance agency team is able to discuss your specific business process with you, and understands the particular coverage options, including commercial and professional liability, that your business requires. To reach an agent, call 954-241-4680. 

                                                                                                               ***WE ARE LICENSED IN ALL 50 STATES***

We specialize in coverage for the Jewelry Industry to include Jewelers Block Insurance, insurance for ATM Operators, Armored Couriers, BTM or Bitcoin Operators, as well as Block Policies for Pawnbrokers and Check Cashing Businesses.