Jewelers Block Insurance Program

Specialty Markets for
Jewelers Block Insurance covering
Retail Jewelry Stores,
Wholesale Businesses, Manufacturers and more

First Class Insurance is a Specialty Brokerage offering Jewelers Block Insurance for jewelry-based businesses in the Jewelry Industry

We specialize in this niche market in order to bring competitive pricing to these lines of insurance. First Class Insurance has access to a wide range of markets giving us the ability to negotiate better pricing options with quality insurance carriers. To reach an agent, call 954-241-4680. 

We specialize in coverage for the Jewelry Industry to include Jewelers Block Policies

At First Class Insurance, we’ll always treat you like first class! 

If you are looking for insurance for your jewelry store, or any business in the Jewelry Industry, we can present coverage options to protect your precious and semi-precious stones and precious metals covered as On-Stock Inventory, Out-of-Safe items, as well as items designated for Travel Coverage, Wearing, Shipments, Memo, and Mysterious Disappearance.

Your policy should include Furniture, Fixtures, Improvements & Betterments as a Tenant and Building Coverage if you own the building. We can offer many other add-ons based on your business needs. If you haven’t taken an opportunity to re-quote your Jewelers Block Insurance Policy in a while, why not give us a call? It only takes a few minutes, and you could be saving more than just a few dollars. We are licensed nationwide and available extended hours. Reach out to us by calling (954) 241-4680.

Crime coverage is essential for those in the Jewelry Industry. Jewelers and jewelry stores are considered a specialty risk. The high value of your items poses a unique set of instances that can result in a loss. First Class Insurance brokers understand your business and have worked to offer policies covering jewelry retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and designers. We are a very responsive agency, readily accessible to you.

Other available coverage for jewelers’ insurance can include Unattended Auto, Registered Mail, Property of other entrusted to the insured, and Property of an insured entrusted to others. In addition to having insurance coverage for your merchandise, advanced security measures should be in place at all times to protect you from a loss. To learn more about security for your industry visit the Jewelers’ Security Alliance here.