ATM / Bitcoin and Armored Car Insurance

Cash ATMs and Bitcoin ATMs are in high demand these days. Those trading in the newest form of cryptocurrency need a vessel through which to liquidate or deposit funds to their electronic accounts. As the ATM vendor, you have a lot to be responsible for – Be sure that this unique risk is covered by acquiring insurance policies for GL, Crime, Cash, Cash-In-Transit, and Cyber Security. ATM and Armored Car Insurance Policy.

First Class Insurance is also able to provide coverage to Armored Car Services. It goes without saying the risk involved in loading and unloading cash from machines and drivers staying vigilant on their route. Even while many precautions may be taken, there is always the threat of loss, as is the possibility and temptation of employee theft. Ensure you have Armored Car insurance protection in place and have peace of mind in knowing that your policy is fairly priced.

We are available extended hours to accommodate all time zones, and we are able to service the United States, Canada, and Central and Latin America.

First Class Insurance can provide a comprehensive policy designed for your specific needs.


We Can Provide Coverage For The Following:

  • Property (physical machines)
  • Burglary (cash within the machines)
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Robbery / Theft
  • Cyber Liability
  • Cash in Transit (can also include Armored Car)
  • Business Auto
  • Armored Car Coverage
ATM ISO robbery

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As the ATM vendor, you have a lot to be responsible for – managing the relationship with your host location, refilling machines whether through an Armored Car vendor or with your own crew, machine malfunction, Internet/Cyber security, Business Autos used in transportation of cash, Armored Car Services, ATM installation, and endless other details.

Be sure that this unique risk is fully covered by acquiring insurance policies for General Liability, Crime and Cash-In-Transit, and Cyber Liability. We also offer Business Auto. Contact an agent with First Class Insurance and let us work out the best coverage options for you.