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First Class Insurance can provide a comprehensive Jewelers Block Insurance Policy designed for your specific needs.

What is Jewelers Block Coverage? First and foremost, it covers your highest risk which is your inventory. Robbery, burglary and theft are the number one causes of loss in the jewelry trade. We can also include Mysterious Disappearance, Employee Dishonesty, and Wearing Coverage. Jewelers Block Insurance through First Class Insurance Agency is a customizable policy with approachable pricing.   

How can I get a quote for a Jewelers Block Policy? If you are looking for jewelry store insurance, you want to work with an agency that is experienced in the business and has access to multiple markets that cover your specific risk. A stand-alone Business Owner’s Policy is not enough because it does not specify causes of loss and anti-theft protocols that fit your line of business. An agent with First Class Insurance will explain any details that are unclear to you and ensure you are comfortable with the policy offered.

First Class Insurance is a specialty insurance agency, with a focus on insurance coverage for the Jewelry Industry. Block insurance policy offerings include coverage for damage to your Building, Inventory such as loss or damage to precious and semi-precious stones, and Business Personal Property. We will also help to guide you with any questions you have regarding the Jewelers Block Application process. 

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Jewelers Block Coverage


Insurance for Jewelers

You need a broker that understands your line of business whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, designer, or a combination of these, which is why we are a very responsive agency who will be readily accessible to you. Jewelers and Jewelry Stores are considered a specialty risk. The high value of your items poses a unique set of instances that can result in a loss. A combination of insurance policies tailored specifically to cover these types of losses is known as a Jewelers Block Policy because it offers coverage for property damage as well as jewelry. 

We can incorporate additional coverage such as Travel, Unattended Auto, Registered Mail, Mysterious Disappearance, Wearing, property of others entrusted to the insured, and property of an insured entrusted to others. In addition to having advanced security measures in place at all times, a Jewelers Block insurance policy from a specialty insurance company that caters to the jewelry industry will add to the security of protecting your business.

To learn more about security for your industry visit the Jewelers’ Security Alliance here

Agents at First Class Insurance Agency will shop the insurance coverage markets for you to find policy options that don’t pressure you into paying too much. Call today (954) 241-4680, or fill out the Contact Us form. We look forward to working with you!  

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