Jewelers Block Insurance Program

Jewelers Block Insurance - Coverage for the Jewelry Industry


  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers
  • Designers
  • Estate Jewelers
  • Watch Dealers
  • Precious Metals
  • Coin Dealers


  • Owned Jewelry Stock
  • Owned Jewelry Stock by Others
  • Traveling with Jewelry Stock
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage
  • Trade Shows
  • Building
  • Business Personal Property
  • Loss of Business Income


  • All Owned Premises
  • All Operations – unless excluded
  • Products – Completed Operations
  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Medical Payments


  • United States Postal Service Registered Mail – Standard limit $100,000

  • United Stated Postal Service Express Mail – Standard limit is $25,000

  • Travel limits to/from post office – same as shipping limits

  • Mysterious Disappearance – Stated limits with full limits available by request

  • Wearing of Jewelry – Standard limit is $25,000

  • Unattended Auto – with approved alarm system

  • Worldwide Coverage

  • Appraisal Liability

  • No Claims Bonus

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What does a Jewelers Block Policy cover? Learn more about jewelry business insurance by clicking the Knowledge Center button below:

How To Obtain A Jewelers Block Insurance Policy

First Class Insurance brokers understand your business and work with all aspects of insurance for jewelry businesses. We offer insurance for Jewelry Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, and Designers to present to you another option for your jewelers block insurance. We are a very responsive agency who will be readily accessible to you. Your agent is happy to answer your questions and explain coverage options to you in a way that you fully understand.

Jewelry store insurance and other jewelry trade businesses are considered a specialty risk. The high value of your items poses a unique set of instances that can result in a loss. A Jewelers Block Policy offers coverage for property damage of your jewelry Inventory as well as theft of the jewelry and damage to your business personal property.

Your coverage options can include: Travel, Unattended Auto, Registered Mail Shipping, Mysterious Disappearance, Wearing, Property of others entrusted to the insured, and Property of an insured entrusted to others. Your policy can be customized to include the insurance solutions that your specific business requires.

In the Jewelry Industry, any loss is usually a significant loss. Losses can occur from robbery, theft, fire, snatch and grab, employee dishonesty, or even mysterious disappearance. We offer coverage for precious and semi-precious stones as well as your precious metals and raw materials.

To obtain coverage for a certain amount of items left out of your safe at night while closed for business, Out-of-Safe coverage can be included on your quote. Loaning items out on Memo? We offer coverage for goods owned by you and loaned to others, as well as goods of others loaned to you.

Do you frequently travel with jewelry? You may need wearing coverage as well as Trade Show coverage for scheduled special events. Do you repair items? If damage occurs, this could result in a loss.

Policy Discounts are also very important when reviewing your policy proposal. Insurance companies give credits to business owners who take extra care in protecting their business. Consider upgrading your safe or alarm system.

Other increased security options to consider could include adding surveillance cameras with audio and recording. Some jewelry retail locations further protect their inventory by adding bars to windows or hiring an armed guard.

In an effort to avoid or prevent a loss, advanced security measures should be in place at all times. Unfortunately, even with the best of security measures, sometimes a loss cannot be prevented. If that happens, rest assured that First Class Insurance will walk you through the claims filing process.

With the correct policy in place, you can recover from a loss with minimal down time to your business operations. To learn more about security for your industry consider joining the Jewelers’ Security Alliance, or try this helpful Guide. For training courses and seminars that discuss safety for retail stores, salespeople, and other loss prevention measures, you might want to also visit the ISPS website at this link

When choosing an insurance broker to work with, First Class Insurance knows that you may have a choice. We hope that you will choose to give us the opportunity to earn your business for years to come. There is no greater compliment than to do right by our customers and earn your recommendation.

First Class Insurance Agency has access to markets with policy options that don’t pressure you into paying too much. We are licensed across the nation servicing the United States, Canada, and Central and Latin America. Call today (954) 241-4680. We look forward to working with you!

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